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Jaqua's Linens

Planning an event can be stressful, but renting tablecloths from Jaquas can make it easier.

We take care of everything, from hand-pressing and hanging your linens to delivering them to you wrinkle-free. This means that you can use them right away to decorate your event space, without having to worry about steaming or ironing them first.

Don't settle for linens that arrive in a small box and require additional work. Choose Jaquas for hassle-free event planning.

Linen Styles & Dimensions

Banquet Table Cloths (Polyester)

60″x120″ Banquet $8.95

90″x132″ Banquet $15.95

90″x156″ Banquet $18.95

Round Table Cloths (Polyester)

90″ Round     $8.95

108″ Round     $13.95

120″ Round     $16.95

132″ Round     $19.95

Overlay (Polyester)

Table Runner     $4.25

54 x 54 Square    $4.00

72 x 72 Square    $9.25

Napkins (Polyester)

20″ X 20″     $0.70

Skirting (Polyester)

8′ Panel     $11.50
13′ Panel     $16.50

Spandex Bistro Table Cover


Chair Covers & Sashes

See the bottom of the "Chair Prices" page linked below:


Materials Available

Polyester, Matte & Lamour Satin, Supernova Shantung, Crinkle Taffeta, Iridescent Crush, Damask, Bengaline Moire, Sequin, Spandex, Patterned


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